Northern Light Sport and Fitness is a family orientated functional fitness gym located in Rockingham, WA.

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Our mission is to focus on creating fitter, stronger, happier and healthier individuals over decades without any bias on age or ability.

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Northern Light Sport and Fitness are your functional fitness experts!!!


Whether you want to tone up, increase muscle mass, lift heavier or increase cardio-respiratory endurance we have the solution for you!


People of all ages, body types and fitness levels!

Anyone wishing to tone up, become fitter, increase endurance and strength!

Someone wishing to build strength or power for their specific sport!


Strength and Conditioning: Sessions that include Warm ups, Mobility, Strength or skills and training of various functional fitness movements at high intensity. Alternative movements can be prescribed which allows all training to be catered for everyone!

Olympic Weightlifting: Specific programs designed to train each phase of the Snatch/Clean and Jerk to improve each lift! Power, strength and technique is improved through training each specific phase! Our coach is a trained Club Weightlifting/ Sports Power Coach affiliated with Weightlifting Western Australia and the Australian Weightlifting Federation!

Yoga: An ideal compliment to your usual workout, yoga (which means “bringing together”) helps safely improve your flexibility, strength, mindset and breathing. Through static and flowing postures, yoga enhances movement patterns, balance and coordination. You’ll finish a class feeling stronger and more supple and more united in body, mind and soul.

Zuu: High intensity body weight workouts designed to assist cardio, strength and mobility.

Individualised Care: 100% specifically individualised programs catered to your needs, whether it be that you wish to tone up, strengthen a weakness, increase mobility, increase cardio-respiratory endurance, lift heavier, improve your general fitness or reach a goal that you have been chasing! You will be allocated a personal coach to keep you accountable at all stages!


Become fitter, healthier, have more energy and generally feel better!

Make new friends by meeting our fantastic community of members whilst getting fit!

Our coaches are experienced and highly trained in their specific fields. They are approachable, friendly and reliable. We strive to improve the client experience!

Getting to the gym is the hardest part, once you arrive we know you will enjoy it and results will follow!!

Come in and have a 30 minute chat to see if we are the right fit! Test drive Northern Light Sport and Fitness!

Our Core Values

Foster a community that encourages teamwork and forges mutually supportive relationships.

Create and pursue goals, recognise and reward effort and ensure achievements are celebrated.

Uphold values of honesty, integrity, accountability, empathy and respect.

Promote a safe, caring and judgement free environment for everyone to enjoy.

Purposefully learn, educate and strive to evolve in all areas, through knowledge gained from functional fitness.

What our client's say

Northern Light is a very warm, friendly and inviting gym, with supportive, committed coaches who are genuinely invested in my goals and gains. The more I go the more I love it.

NIKKIDecember 2019

As a beginner, I was a little nervous about starting at this gym, but my first session was great. Other members are friendly and supportive, the trainers are skilled and there to help. The variety in the Workouts and focus on technique have been great for me in developing my fitness. I definitely would recommend checking out Northern Light Sport and Fitness- you won’t want to leave.

AMANDADecember 2019

Most un-intimidating gym ever with all the gains!

METTINADecember 2019
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Contact us:

4/27 Crompton Road, Rockingham WA 6168
0423 641 611
Proud Affiliate of Weightlifting Western Australia