For example, let’s say you have injured your right arm by doing push ups or you have another injured limb.


Injury is the perfect time to not only include that area of the body in attempting to rehabilitate but a good opportunity to make the most of it and turn the situation into a positive by utilising a different stimulus or movement.


By utilising the other arm to complete prescribed accessory work or workouts with the opposite arm you can maintain the strength of the injured arm.


Let’s say for instance since injuring your arm you don’t wish to/or can’t complete any strength training. Let’s change the stimulus to cardio-respiratory endurance work.


Injuries can be very frustrating but should not be seen as a negative! You can see that by adjusting the focus while  working on rehabilitation, you can still be goal orientated and chasing some of those goals to remain fitter, faster, stronger and healthier!


Injuries can be an opportunity to work on things you may not normally have the time or focus to do!


If the injury needs further rehabilitation be sure to see a physiotherapist to provide you exercises to rehabilitate the injury.

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