Training during winter!

June 22, 2022

As the days get shorter and colder, it can be tempting to hibernate during the winter months. While a little R&R is okay, it’s important to stay active in order to maintain your health and energy levels over the long term. The following tips can help you keep moving forward:

Tip #1 – MAKE A PLAN

Set mini, achievable goals for yourself. Goals such as “Im going to train 3x this week. My training days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday”. Totally doable. You aren’t asking too much of yourself here. 3 x a week will keep you on track to your goals.


If its cold out, its probably not the best idea to wear those cute Booty shorts, not unless you like the chicken skin look when it’s 5 degrees out. Make sure to bring a change of shirt and another layer to pop on after the workout.


You know whats great about Winter? Winter warmer meals like stews and soup. Do you know whats great about winter warmer meals? They are easy to hide a tonne of veg and a tonne of protein in. And they are really delicious!!!

Lamb shank stew with some sweet potato mash? Maaaaate!!! Add some crusty bread and you have a party. Perfect for fueling those heavy strength cycles that get programmed in Winter.


Haha not really… but working out is way more fun with friends so rope in your mates. Workout dates are the best kind of dates that usually involve a whole heap of laughs and some high fives. So slide into your Gym besty’s DMs and make a date to workout together on the regular.

Nothing more to it. Just dig deep and show up for yourself. Don’t wait for that “motivation” to hit. You have more chance of winning the lotto. Instead, suck it up, put your big girl/boy pants on and get it done. You can either get after it, or sit on the couch and wish you were like that person that is getting after it. You know, the one that frequents your socials feed that you just think is freaking awesome and its 100% goals. Be the person that others are watching. Be your own damn inspiration. Be somebody else’s goals. You want to be fit? Then go be fit. You want to be healthy? Then go be healthy. You want to eat a packet of chips on the couch and moan that you are neither fit nor healthy? You do that! Whatever decision you make, accept that you made it. So if you want the results, then show up.
Some days you will show up and do the bare minimum and that’s fine. You showed up and that is all that matters.
Bonus tip – have all your gear organised the night before (gym clothes, shoes, bag, protein etc). It makes it easier to show up for yourself.
Now go be great humans, happy Winter Training!!

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